Being implemented by a joint investment of Moncon Group, Ubiq Solution and TomYo Education, TomYo School of Ulaanbaatar commences its permanent operation upon a decision of State commission of August 29, 2022 by accomplishing task assignment.

Located at Artsat pass, Region #23, Khan-Uul district, the project has been completed in 1.4 years by general contractor Moncon Construction LLC.


             We the Moncons have been actively engaged in contributing to education sector of the nation through contracting with the state and foreign clients and a concession agreement, which brought us to achieving completion of 3 kindergartens and 4 school buildings so far.

The project of TomYo School is unique in that Moncon Group invested in entire construction and handed over the facility to the client.

            We express our deepest gratitude to the engineers, technicians, managers, subcontractors and suppliers who participated in the project with their backbreaking work and tireless effort.

We wish the management team of TomYo School of Ulaanbaatar and teaching staff great success in their future endeavors. May the students and preschool kids entering TomYo School have a bright academic journey.