About us

Our effort is the Pillar of development

Company portfolio

Moncon Group LLC was established to provide construction design service in 2006 and its expanded own business area to building construction and for operating real estate market since 2010. Today, the company has six associated companies and around 600 employees working for construction design, developers, construction building, real state agency, non-bank financial and retail service provider companies.

Moncon Group LLC provides complex service to our clients with the whole process from developing construction design to turnkey operation




Our effort Pillar of development


Together, we will make material contributions to social development by promoting sustainable development through creating jobs, delivering value and quality using the most advanced technologies


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Advanced technology
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Stable development

We shall maintain a relationship based on RESPECT

We shall honor INTEGRITY and Law

We shall always be in a quest of the most ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY

We shall be a leasing in the SAFETY performance

We shall focus on a QUALITY and creating a VALUE

We shall stride towards Sustainable Development



An act of honoring people. We respect not only each other but also our stakeholders, we promote perfect harmony and resolve any disagreements by reaching a mutual consensus and understanding. We maintain a workplace free of any discrimination and disrespectful acts towards anyone.


An individual’s publicly accepted moral character or set of good practices and qualities. This includes characters of being sincere, diligent and being the one who thinks before making any promises and keeps his/her promises once made, the one who has a positive attitude, helpful team member, acts selfless, and behaves orderly etc.


A process of studying and applying methods, materials, and equipment intended to increase labor productivity, save time and achieve higher results with cost-effectiveness.


Means every employee goes home safe and healthy after work without any harm and injury. It also means a robust adherence to safety rules and procedures at workplaces.


Our unique, distinguishing feature that proposes a real value to our customers. We will reflect this not only in our products and services but also in every element that constitutes our business.


The historical path that created our present state of affairs and the value that we will keep for the future. For this, expanding the scope of our current projects and to increase jobs and maintain financial disciplines will be always the basic principles for us to follow. Therefore, we will uphold a policy to support and maintain people with the right attitude, knowledge, and skills through learning from each other and develop together.


  • EGE LLC was established to develop construction design.
  • Moncon Construction LLC was established to provide construction survice.
  • Moncon Group LLC was established to provide construction management service.
  • Moncon properties LLC was established to operate in real state market.
  • Empathy House LLC was established to operate after construction utilities service.
  • Mining Energy West LLC was established to exploration and exrtaction mining.
  • Mongolian Financial Partnership LLC was established to provide non-bank financial service.

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