Moncon Construction LLC has been successfully cooperating and working on Oyu Tolgoi projects’ construction works since 2017.

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Office and control room facility building

Client: "Monnis International" LLC

Location: Oyu Tolgoi - Underground mine Shaft 2 

Intended use: To provide a comfortable shower and changing room as well as to wash and dry clothes for underground miners

Capacity: 2-floor building with an axis ratio of 98.4mx95.4m

Structure: Main structure is a cast iron base, reinforced concrete with reinforced concrete block masonry diaphragm wall, metal frame and polyurethane foaming insulation with sandwich panel walls, and composite proof. The floor is made of Bondeck Structural Steel Deck covered with reinforced concrete.

Work executed: Our work includes a 985ton steel structure, 57000m3 excavation work, 5800m3 reinforced concrete structure work, and 8190m2 reinforced concrete block masonry diaphragm wall installation work, 13600m2 exterior walls, and installation work of sandwich roof.

Completion: 2018


Oyu Tolgoi underground mine shaft 2 ground facilities

Client: "Monadelphous Mongolia LLC"

Location: Oyu Tolgoi underground mine- Shaft 2

Work executed: 5000m3 of backfilling, 4200m3 of concrete pouring, 2399m3 of concrete demolition work, and 320 tons of metal removal work were carried out within the framework of the construction, repair, demolition, and demolition of the buildings on the surface of Shaft 2, as well as temporary office and temporary lighting electrical installation work. For this project, we have supplied 250 thousand safety man hours.

Completion: 2018/04-2019



Construction work of the Shaft 2 conveyor system

Client: "Monadelphous Mongolia LLC"

Location: Oyu Tolgoi underground mine- Shaft 2

Intended use: To transfer raw materials coming through Shaft 2 received at a depth of 24m below the surface to semi-processing facilities and warehouses.

Work executed: Construction work of the raw material conveyor system CVB2030 for shaft 2 and the structural work of an 8% slope tunnel section

Completion: 2018/08-2019



Construction work of Shaft 2 surface dewatering facilities

Client: "Monadelphous Mongolia LLC"

Location: Oyu Tolgoi underground mine - Shaft 2

Intended use: Dewatering all the surface water collected around the buildings connected to Shaft 2

Capacity: Steel structure with a dimension of 18*5.81*14.8m, including 75m plastic pipes, 130m3 and 54m3 liquid storage tanks

Work executed: Our work includes excavation, steel concrete foundation, steel structure, polyurethane foam insulation, sandwich wall, roof installation, the basement of the equipment, internal mechanical piping works, and also pouring concrete work of the liquid-containing tanks.

Completion: 2018/07 - 2019


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