Gobi Factory Building was delivered to its owner

"Moncon Construction" Co., Ltd has successfully completed 2-storey factory building extension project requested by client "Gobi" Co., Ltd situated in 3rd region of Khan Uul district. The project started on 9th June 2018 and Technical Commission handed the key to the owner on 9th Nov 2018, making the building ready for permanent operation. 

The building, occupying 3375 m2 on each floor and 6750 m2 in total, is made up of casted concrete base columns, metal main frames, 10 cm thick sandwich panels for the outer walls, thermal insulation that is combined of rock-wool and polyurethane, topped with polyurethane insulated panels and equipped with 2 tonn load freight elevator.

The first floor of the building is occupied by a textile factory while its 2nd floor is intended for a sewing shop and total of 400 employees will be regularly working in the building.

We are very delighted that construction industry of Mongolia is having one more building in the family meanwhile positively contributing to create new jobs at the same time.

In addition we would like to thank and wish good luck to the management of the client organization, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and all of the employees who devoted their time and effort for making this project successful and real.